stool against a yellow background

Siéntate! is a sculpture and a stool, with a strong presence and unique character. The heavy base is an invitation to sit, it says: "I'm here! Siéntate!"


chair against a red wall

Created in opposition to Siéntate! and continuing the sculptural theme, Levanta is the chair you would like to see in your living room. Fun, sturdy and the perfect design addition.

Arcón & Cajón

chest of drawers agains a marbe wall with hanging spherical lighting

A chest of drawers in dark brown, laquered wood.
Evoking momories of 60's pop design, Arcón & Cajón is both flexible and modular, working as well in the living area as it does in the bedroom.


table against a light blue background

Conceived as a "Mesa Joya", Kosmo is made of a burgundy lacquered wood with brushed brass shell details. A statement piece for you favourite space.